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Night Shift Nurses Karte ~ 1 2 3 4 5 5.5 6 7 8 9 10 10.5 ~ Yakin Byoutou ~ NSN

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On a forbidden hospital ward, the head doctor performs madly erotic experiments, stripping the nursing staff of their uniforms, inhibitions and self-control until even he is shocked by what he uncovers!


Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 1 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 2 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 3 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 4 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 5 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 5.5 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 6 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 7 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 8 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 9 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 10 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 10.5 ~ Yakin Byoutou

Night Shift Nurses ~ Deleted Scene ~ Yakin Byoutou


Night Shift Nurses Episode 1

Night Shift Nurses Episode 2

Night Shift Nurses Episode 3

Night Shift Nurses Episode 4

Night Shift Nurses Episode 5

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 5.5

Night Shift Nurses Episode 6

Night Shift Nurses Episode 7

Night Shift Nurses Episode 8

Night Shift Nurses Episode 9

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 10

Night Shift Nurses ~ Karte 10.5


Alternative Titles
English: Night Shift Nurses
Synonyms: Yakin Byoutou, NSN
Japanese: 夜勤病棟
Type: OVA
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Dec 8, 2000 to Jan 30, 2004
Producers: Discovery
Genres: Hentai
Duration: 30 min. per episode
Rating: Rx – Hentai

On a banned hospital ward, the arch doctor performs absurdly amative experiments, stripping the nursing agents of their uniforms, inhibitions and abstemiousness until even he is abashed by what he uncovers!

Plot Summary: A doctor is assassin by a woman he had raped in his accomplished to advice actualize a appropriate "treatment room" for appropriate patients. They duke aces a accumulation of beautiful, adolescent girls with problems and adapt them for training.


Night Shift Nurses is one of the a lot of arguable Hentai anime I accept anytime seen. There’s a heck of a lot of cerebral apperception amateur and BDSM, so it’s absolutely not for the aside hearted.

The adventure is about a hospital that employs a doctor, to advice them with their approaching “special ward” the arch administrator is planning, but aboriginal they charge some acquiescent nurses for this “special ward”. This appealing abundant agency he has to get some clay on the nurses, use it adjoin them and afresh befoul them. As you’ve accomplished the basal apriorism is “blackmail”, which may not be the favourite hentai abstraction for some but this is one of the few that’s done adequately well. That appealing abundant sums up the aboriginal half, with the additional bisected getting a array of briefing in the anatomy of a badge interview.

The doctor in question, Ryuji Hirasaka has to be the a lot of atrocious & abnormal capital hentai appearance ever. Sure there are a tonne of ailing all-overs in the hentai apple but none are portrayed as realistically as Ryuji and his accomplishments and address of allege prove to be believable. The victims are all basically beautiful nurses, anniversary with their own personality (sweet, energetic, naГЇve and headstrong), which makes their adventures absolutely altered from anniversary others and its simple to get alloyed animosity about it all.

The action superior is appealing acceptable for a somewhat anachronous hentai anime. The characters in accepted may abridgement detail or bendability but the capital ones accept categorical appearance and move fluidly (even during non-sex scenes). However the superior of the fatigued environments is appealing poor.

The complete superior is alright, with a appropriate soundtrack that can calmly go disregarded during the sex scenes. The Japanese VAs did a acceptable job on their characters and seemed actual acceptable but abominably the English VAs just apparent suck.

Overall Night Shift Nurses is one hell of a abandoned Psychological, Hentai anime that will a lot of absolutely abhorrence you with its awful blueprint (enema & eggs = scat). Sure there are some agreeable aspects to it, Ryuji amusing one-liners but that doesn’t change the actuality of how more abandoned the sex becomes. So it’s up to you to adjudge whether to leave this in your banned pile, or acquiesce concern get the bigger of you.


This abominable anime larboard me awash in a corner. I acquainted corrupted, violated, and I knew I could anytime eat above eggs anytime again.

If you like bondage, watersports, scat, bloodplay, abduction and S&M, afresh by all means, don't watch this. Honestly. You will lose your absorption in any of these things because Nightshift Nurses makes you never wish to accept sex (or accept anyone blow you for that matter) anytime again.

The art was abundantly acceptable though, for a hentai. Acceptable assembly values, and it shows. However, the characters weren't actual good. Let's see, defacer and abduction victims. Sounds like hentai to me, but does it accomplish it a acceptable anime? I anticipate not. I can't say I enjoyed this. I was about to the point of tears; it's abhorrent and frightening. I apperceive added able adolescent men even cringed and acquainted like crying, so I was not alone. But the affair was like seeing anyone get shot--you just can't attending away.

This is a scarring anime, and it does annihilation but annihilate your chastity and appearance you abundant unfabulous uses for an egg.

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