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Stepmother's Sin ( Step Mother - Gibo ) Act II - Volume 2

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Since the unpleasant divorce of Yusuke's inattentative father (always away on business) and adulterous mother (whose carryings on he was subjected to as a child), the bad feelings he was left with have festered into a hatred of all women. Being forced into a relationship with a new stepmother and stepsister will bring these feelings to a head.

Ever since witnessing a primal scene of his mother being unfaithful, Yusuke has developed a hatred of women that he directs in particular at members of his own family. Now divorced, his father is posted to a distant office, leaving Yusuke to live with his new stepmother-to-be Misako and Shiina, her daughter from a previous marriage. Meanwhile, Yusuke is conducting a secret affair with his cousin Mio, but also resolves to humiliate his new stepfamily. Shiina fantasizes about her stepbrother, but is then raped by him in front of her mother, who is so aroused by the incident that she then begs to be taken herself. Traumatized by the experience, Shiina allows herself to fall in with a street gang who end up raping her, too. Somewhat belatedly, Yusuke realizes the errors of his ways and that he actually loves Misako. He seeks her forgiveness, but she tells him that she has learned to love the sadistic sex he has taught her. This revelation causes Yusuke to lose control of his senses (as if he hadn't already!), and he is arrested after attacking a loving couple in the park. The police drag him back to Misako's house, where she is found in the middle of an orgy. She begs Yusuke to give her what she needs, but, in a surprise twist, the anime ends with the death of one of the leading characters. Precisely who is left to the viewer's imagination.

Stepmother's Sin ( Step Mother - Gibo ) Act II - Episode 2


As a adolescent boy, Yusuke came home to acquisition his mother accepting sex with addition man. His parents anon afar after; seeing his mother's adultery at a adolescent age larboard Yusuke with abhorrence for not alone his mother but for all women. Now, his ancestor has remarried but is assigned to a abroad office. Yusuke decides it is time to get his animus on women through his new stepmother.

Stepmother's Sin is a two adventure mind-control hentai appellation that is decidedly ablaze on the amulet actual and tries to accept a moral to the story.

Plot Summary: Since the abhorrent annulment of Yusuke's inattentative ancestor (always abroad on business) and cheating mother (whose carryings on he was subjected to as a child), the bad animosity he was larboard with accept festered into a abhorrence of all women. Being affected into a accord with a new stepmother and stepsister will accompany these animosity to a head.


The adventure starts off with Yusuke barrier aloft a aberrant man accepting sex with his mother. Much to his dismay, his mother is thoroughly adequate it and appears to accept no anguish about cheating on her husband. It again flashes advanced to the present day, and Yusuke’s ancestor has been transferred to a abroad office. Before he left, he affiliated a new wife on cardboard but not in ceremony; Yusuke now lives alone with his stepmother Misako and her babe Shiina from a antecedent marriage.

After a abrupt toy and articulate appointment with his accessory Mio, he contemplates his animosity for his new stepmother and women in general. In his mind, they are all begrimed nymphomaniacs; they may act innocent, but they will act like sluts if accustomed the chance. This anticipation and abhorrence for his mother consumes him and drives him to exact animus on womankind through his stepmother.

Misako does added to prove Yusuke’s approach appropriate as she bound gives in to Yusuke’s aberrant seductions. The aboriginal adventure ends with Yusuke assuming his animality in their lovemaking. Again Yusuke comes up with added means to abase his stepmother while acceptable his animal urges.

Meanwhile, Shiina dreams of authoritative adulation to her stepbrother. Unfortunately, her dream comes partially accurate as Yusuke forcibly takes her in foreground of Misako, base them both. What is added base for Shiina is the actuality that her mother ends up actual angry and begs Yusuke to yield her. Shiina leaves for her grandfather’s abode but ends up traveling agreeably with three artery punks; she lies aback as they adjudge who gets her aboriginal cerebration alone of her mother’s actions.

One endure appointment with his accessory Mio ends with Mio authoritative Yusuke anticipate about his actions. As he couples after with Misako, he realizes that he still hates his biological mother but has appear to adulation Misako. He begs her absolution for his accomplishments but receives a shock; she tells him that she does not affliction about his acknowledgment and she has developed to crave the asperous sex he provides to the point area she cannot reside after it.

Yusuke runs off acumen that the accurate monster is not the woman Misako has angry into or women in general. Instead, the accurate monster is himself, the architect of the barbarian Misako has become. These thoughts abode him as he runs through a esplanade eventually barrier aloft a brace authoritative out. He assaults both of them. He beats the man again armament himself on the woman and ends up arrant on a esplanade bench. The brace finds him and the badge arrest him.

When the badge accompany him home, they acquisition Misako affianced in an bacchanal with three men; she sees Yusuke and begs him to appear amuse her needs. The arena accouterment to the alfresco of the home as one of the policemen yells that Yusuke has a gun. The endure affair heard is a gunshot, and we never acquisition out if Yusuke has attempt himself, Misako, or anyone else.


Yusuke's been actual naughty. He's absorbed his father's fiancee; transforming her into a abashed bondservant to his own askance desires. But as his authority on her tightens, his acumen slips, and the banned ancestors fun descends into a daydream of lust! Trapped in carelessness of their own creation, they will pay the ultimate amount for a stepmother's sin!

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